Advantages of modularity


Concrete is easy to maintain, and is resistant to wear and tear, and corrosion. It can even be painted, should it be necessary to blend in to a particular local environment.


Galvanised steel splashguards (manual or automatic) protect the user and make the Recycling Centre easier to maintain. Shown against : Hot-dip galvanised railings.

Heated floors

Anti-slip floor for optimal safety, with heated floor option for cold areas (northern or mountain locations, etc...). Electrical heating elements are incorporated in the concrete for de-icing of the platform and access ramps.

Rails and skip protection

Guide rails (optional) to facilitate the installation and removal of skips without affecting the ground. Skip protection strips prevent handling shocks to the concrete structure.

Storage, a Modulo Béton advantage

The space beneath the structure is able to be used as a storage area (household hazardous waste, WEEE, equipment, vehicles, etc...).


Modulo Béton also offers a comprehensive range of storage equipment, including waste oil collectors and a variety of containers.


Modulo Béton's precast concrete Recycling Centre units are the only ones to meet the 2hr Fire Stability requirement contained within the design Eurocodes, and to offer storage beneath the entire platform.


The unit can be personalised: the logo of your municipality or organisation can be moulded on the module walls.